Balloons Blow Don't Let Go!

Even though balloons are made of natural latex and take the same amount of time to go back into the earth as an oak leaf, we in the balloon industry are dedicated to protecting the environment. Most of our arrangements are air-filled and don’t float. Please when the balloons deflate disposed of them properly.

We now handle all of the orders for Send A Kiss

If you do not already know we are doing all orders for Send A Kiss.  The owner moved out of her building on Saratoga Blvd. So she was closed in 2013.   In October 2014she reached out to me and asked if we would keep the business going.  I said I would help her out, and the phone was transferred to me.  The website was shut down also, but she also linked it to my website.  I am having to explain to some customers why they cannot come in to pickup arrangements, since I do not have a storefront that is impossible.  I am glad that some of her customers do not mine coming to my home to pickup arrangements, especially if they are taking them out of town. Thank you so much for your patience in those cases when I am not familiar with some particular design from Send A Kiss, I will try to make them as close to the same design.  

You can now order online on our shop online button. Balloons, Gift Baskets, and Flowers are available to order. All other products must be ordered over the phone. All prices are shown including taxes.  Give it a try!

April 06,2016

If you do not know already we don't have a storefront anymore. We discovered that we needed to be available for our customers. It is just my husband and I doing all the orders and the decorating, so if we don't answer our phones right away, it is because we are trying to finish a decorating job on time.   As for our everyday bouquets, it should be noted that they take time to make, because we make them after they are ordered, and we take our time with them, so if you can please order them  at least the day before.

Balloon are very delicate and picky

Like humans, balloons like to be comfortable, they do not like hot or cold conditions. They like to be indoors where it is cool. Our balloons are of the highest quality, when they are first blown up they are glossy finish or translucent, this is temporary, sometimes by the time they get delivered they become opaque or matte finish. This is the result of oxidation. This is normal, because latex is 100% biodegradable.  On hot days, in direct sunlight, balloons may pop within an hour. So in outdoor decorating it is not possible for us to guarantee the balloons will not pop or last through the entire event.  We do however use a larger and more stronger balloon which fairs the heat better. Although wind conditions here in South Texas is not very kind to any of balloon.  So with that said, consider very carefully if you want balloons in your outdoor event.